AIGA Student Group

The purpose of the AIGA Student Group at Sinclair Community College is to expand the knowledge of visual communication students and to get more experience in the design field. We will interact with members of the local community and professional in the field of design. Activities include visiting AIGA hosted events, bringing in speakers from the community about design, working with clients on design jobs, speaking to first year students to get them involved with the group; and, working on pieces for portfolio and receive feedback.

Faculty Advisors

Amanda M. Romero, M.Des.

Jeanine Kincheloe, M.A.


  • President: Jason Penix
  • Vice President: Lacey Garrett
  • Programming Officer: Karlie Winhoven
  • Secretary / Director of Communications: Caitlyn Cline

AIGA Student Members (Contributors)

  1. Geoffrey Andrews
  2. Caitlyn Cline
  3. Lauren Everage
  4. Lacey Garrett
  5. Nimisha Hirani
  6. Cole Howell
  7. Justin Martin
  8. Jason Penix
  9. Anita Robinson
  10. Brianne Shelton
  11. Reginald Steele
  12. David Thurlow
  13. Joya Wells
  14. Kieran Williams
  15. Marissa Wright

Spring Term Activities:

  • Friday, March 18: Scott Hull
    1:00p – 3:00p
    Room 13-320
    Scott Hull, also known as the “Visual Ambassador,” is a local freelance illustrator and founder of Scott Hull Associates. He and his company work for big clients such as Target, Microsoft, Disney, Starbucks, among others. For more information:

  • Friday, April 8: Creatives on Call
    2:00p – 3:00p
    Room 13-320
    Creatives On Call is a company based out of Cincinnati that specializes in recruiting those interested in design, digital advertising, marketing and the communications fields. They provide job placement for permanent, temporary and freelance positions. For more information:

  • Presentation on “How to Begin A Design Company” – More information coming!

  • Job Shadow Design Instructor from Fairmont Kettering. This event includes student presentation on the Visual Communications Program at Sinclair, and sharing portfolios with high school students – More information coming!

  • Logo Design for Sinclair Community College’s Creative Studies Community